Financial Assistance


The Eastern Sierra Nordic Ski Association (ESNSA) is a recognized, Non-Profit 501(C)(3) Organization. The mission of ESNSA is to promote cross-country skiing and biathlon in the Eastern Sierra while encouraging the development of responsible and self-motivated skiers through providing coaching and support required to assist each athlete to ski and race at his or her best.

As a part of its mission, ESNSA provides financial aid to athletes who would otherwise be unable to participate on the Nordic Programs. ESNSA is funded by the contributions of its membership as well as fundraising efforts it makes throughout the year. Funds raised by ESNSA are then put back into the Nordic Community through these scholarships. Funds that are not needed for aid to athletes are thereafter used to purchase much needed supplies for the Nordic Programs such as wax, tools and uniforms.

 ESNSA is not a part of nor affiliated with the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area or the Mammoth Mountain Community Foundation; we are an independent organization that relies solely on the contributions of its members and other private fundraising efforts. ESNSA does not gather or review your personal financial information to determine if an athlete’s need is genuine. It is our philosophy that no junior athlete should be unable to participate for a lack of funds. We are relying on your good faith certification below that your need is genuine. Accordingly, we ask that you consider the foregoing in requesting these funds and we strongly encourage you to assist us in our fundraising efforts so that we may make ESNSA a sustainable, positive force in our community.