Tamarack Masters Clinics

Beginning Masters

This program is for those who would like to start a long-term commitment to cross country skiing this winter. It's designed for skiers with limited or no cross-country experience. Skill development will progress from basic balance and gliding drills to specific techniques used in uphill, flat and downhill terrain. Conditioning, choosing the right ski equipment and waxing will be addressed in this class.

Intermediate Masters

Improve your skiing efficiency and have more fun by joining this program. Previous skiing experience is required (participants must have a functional diagonal stride and V-1 skate and be able to control downhill speed). Emphasis in this program is on learning the appropriate techniques for terrain and snow speed. Conditioning and waxing will be an important part of the curriculum. Interested in ski racing? This is an opportunity to gain the skill and confidence for some of the local races.

Advanced Masters

This is the program for serious recreational racers to fine-tune your technique for increased efficiency and speed. Join other dedicated skiers for intensive two-hour weekly sessions to get race-ready or just look good out on the tracks. Previous experience in the Masters program or "pretty good" technique in both skating and classic skiing on all terrain is required for participation at this level. Technique work and conditioning are the focus of this program.

Wednesday Masters

Join this weekly 2 hour class if you are seeking a fun and social conditioning session for your ski week. Classes will target skills, agility, terrain challenges, and all will offer a solid workout. Whether you are training for our local races or just looking for a way to ski stronger and better, this class offers 2 hours of fun and challenge. We will start with the basics while building fitness and skill as we progress through the winter. Classic and skating techniques according to conditions will be addressed. This class is recommended to anyone at the intermediate or above skill level.

Join for the season or come for the drop-in option. A weekly email will be sent to all registered participants informing of the technique used for the next class.